Plant Transcriptional Regulatory Map

    Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality resource of plant transcription factors (TFs), regulatory elements and interactions between them, advancing the understanding of plant transcriptional regulatory system.




  • A manually curated Arabidopsis transcriptional regulatory network derived from literature.
  • Architectures and evolutionary features of plant transcription regulatory networks.


How to Cite:
Jin JP, Tian F, Yang DC, Meng YQ, Kong L, Luo JC and Gao G. (2017). PlantTFDB 4.0: toward a central hub for transcription factors and regulatory interactions in plants. Nucleic Acids Research, 45(D1):D1040-D1045.
Jin JP, He K, Tang X, Li Z, Lv L, Zhao Y, Luo JC, Gao G. (2015). An Arabidopsis transcriptional regulatory map reveals distinct functional and evolutionary features of novel transcription factors. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 32(7):1767-1773.